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Salem, Oregon Business and Civil Litigations Attorneys

With almost 90 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Gunn & Gunn P.C. can assist individuals and businesses with a broad range of legal concerns. Some of our other practice areas are as follows:

Business Cases: We represent businesses that provide a wide variety of goods and services. We help establish and maintaining corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, and partnerships. We also assist our business clients in matters concerning general litigation, preparation of contracts, assistance with tax matters and other business related matters.

Business Formation. We assist clients in the formation and registration of new businesses. We can assist in drafting the initial business documents and operating agreements that are important to get your business started right. We assist in the formation of sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. Corporations and LLCs need to be registered with the State of Oregon, and we help our clients to ensure full compliance with State and Federal regulations regarding their business formation and operation. Even if you are going to operate simply as a sole proprietor it is also a good idea to register your business name and to register any partnership. We can help with this process and guide you through the steps you need to protect yourself and your business.

Business Contracts. Every business will eventually need the services of an attorney to review or draft a contract. Whether your business needs assistance in preparing simple agreements, leases, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, sales agreements, or otherwise, our firm can be of assistance. We are also able to review contracts prepared by other businesses and advise our clients regarding such matters before execution of the contract.

Civil Litigation. Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. Though we are always hopeful that everyone will live up to the terms of agreements, sometimes that does not happen. In such cases our firm is capable of assisting with the enforcement of contracts, agreements, leases, etc, or in defending you and your business in both State or Federal litigation.

Personal Injury. We represent injured parties and their families in serious injury and wrongful death cases. Though we do not handle all types of injury cases, we are happy to provide referrals to qualified, experienced, injury attorneys in the local area.

Probate, Wills and Estates. We assist individuals with the preparation of wills and simple revocable living trusts. We represent personal representatives of estates in probate and probate related matters. We also assist in establishing guardianships and conservatorships, both for minors and adults. We also prepare Advance Directives, Durable Power of Attorneys, and other estate planning documents.

Tax Cases. Though we do not file tax returns, we assist both individuals and businesses who are experiencing tax problems. We can help clients with un-filed returns, back taxes, tax liens and levies. We assist with offers in compromise, negotiation, and tax litigation. Often tax cases become bankruptcy cases, due to the relief that a bankruptcy can offer.

When you need an attorney, call Gunn & Gunn. “We’ve got you covered!”

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