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Salem OR Legal experts

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Legal Coaching Services by Gunn & Gunn

Legal coaching is for individuals who simply need some quick legal advice or lack the financial resources to retain our attorneys to represent them in certain types of cases.  Legal coaching is a limited representation arrangement whereby our attorneys agree to provide limited advice, answers, and direction to people who intend to represent themselves, need some legal direction or guidance, or intend to seek the appointment of a public defender.  Because legal coaching is limited representation, it is not appropriate for individuals with complex situations.

Legal coaching may be a good fit if you are an individual who is facing criminal charges, but does not have the financial resources to hire one of our criminal defense attorneys.  Legal coaching may be a good fit if you simply have “a quick legal question”, or need some limited advice as to how to deal with a legal issue.  For a fixed rate, we will meet with you in our office to discuss your situation and offer some guidance and direction.

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I need some legal advice about . . .

Sometimes all you need is some good advice from a trusted source.  Not every legal issue requires that you hire an attorney, but most situations can benefit from experienced legal counsel.  Our attorneys have broad experience across many practice areas, gained over the years from representing businesses and individuals.  We offer a fixed fee consultation, where you can meet with one of our attorneys to get answers to your most pressing questions, and maybe even solve your problem on the spot.  Give us a call if you would like to arrange to meet.

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How is Legal Coaching Different from Retaining one of your attorneys?

Though all our retained clients receive the same services included as part of legal coaching, retained clients also directly benefit from our experience, reputation, and tenacious representation.  Retained clients have continuing access to our attorneys by phone, email, or appointment.  We dedicate significantly more time to becoming intimately familiar with their individual situations, the particular facts of their case, and exploring all legally available avenues to reach their goals.  Retained clients further benefit from our skill, expertise, and reputation as we appear in all court proceedings, prepare all necessary documents, aggressively negotiate, and competently present our clients cases to pursue their personal best interests.  We also have access to the best expert witnesses, professionals, and investigators in the State, and when needed call upon them to assist us in evaluating client cases and investigating various aspects of each individual case.

Oregon Legal Coaching

What are some examples of legal coaching?

Legal services can be expensive, and we understand not everyone has the financial resources to hire our attorneys.  Public Defender’s in Oregon are qualified, competent attorneys, but they also are required to deal with heavy caseloads and often cannot provide as much time as many clients need to understand their cases.  If you are an individual facing criminal charges, and have been appointed a public defender, one of our attorneys can spend the time to meet with you to review a plea offer, discuss the police reports, explain the nature of the charges, suggest possible alternative resolutions, or assist you in understanding why your attorney may be recommending a certain action.  Think of this like getting a second opinion from a qualified professional.  Though you will ultimately work with your public defender to resolve the case, you will be better equipped to assist your public defender to reach the best result possible.

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Do you make jail visits?

Yes.  We routinely visit retained clients in jail as often as necessary to further their defense.  If you have not yet retained our services, or if you need an attorney to visit a friend or family member in jail, we can help.  We charge a fixed fee for non-retained client visits at the various jails in Oregon.  We will make an in person visit to discuss the nature of the charges, provide advice regarding the criminal justice process, and if you desire, discuss what would be necessary to become one of our retained clients.

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