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With almost 90 years of combined experience, attorneys at Gunn & Gunn have helped individuals and businesses navigate some of their most difficult times. We are a family owned law firm of attorneys with our main office located in Salem, Oregon.


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One of our success stories

Dismissal of All Charges

V, while visiting Oregon from another state, had been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUI / DWI). V was charged in Oregon, with DUII as well as Criminal Mischief and Recklessly Endangering Another Person. The State objected to his participating in the DUII Diversion program and insisted upon multiple convictions and jail time for the incident. The incident involved an accident in which he collided with another vehicle. V’s wife and children were passengers in his car. Because there was good evidence that V had in fact been intoxicated at the time, we suggested he enter the DUII Diversion program, even though the State objected. At a hearing on the diversion, the judge overruled the State’s object, and granted V’s petition for the diversion. Despite resolving the DUII charge, V still faced charges for Criminal Mischief and three (3) counts of Recklessly Endangering Charges (one added because V did not accept the State’s offer to plead guilty). The day of trial, the Criminal Mischief Charge was dismissed due to lack of evidence. After a jury trial, V was found “not guilty” of all charges and was acquitted of all counts of Recklessly Endangering. In the end, all charges were dismissed (including the DUII) upon successful completion of the diversion.