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Clients using Gmail Accounts

In general, Gmail is a fine email service, and you can’t beat the price.  However, sometimes the Gmail Spam filter can be overly aggressive.  We have recently been notified by some of our clients, that they are finding our messages in the Spam folder, as opposed to their Inbox.  We have confirmed that our mail serve complies with all internet mail standards, and have also confirmed that our servers “email reputation” is of the highest order.  We have event tried to replicate the “problem” with our own Gmail accounts, without success.  Therefore, though we would love to be able to fully explain why some clients receive our messages, and others find them in the Spam folder, we are at a loss.

Not getting emails from your attorney can be extremely frustrating.  Therefore, we have come up with some suggestions as to how you can ensure that we can communicate with you via email.  If you are not receiving your messages, and if you use Gmail, follow the instructions outlined in our Gmail Spam Fix instructions you should be able to receive emails from our office without further difficulty.  The instructions can be found by following this link:  Gmail Spam Fix