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Hope for DUII Diversion Cases

Many individuals who face their first DUII charge elect to participate in Oregon’s Diversion program. Those who successfully complete the DUII Diversion have the criminal charge dismissed. To successfully complete a DUII diversion program there are multiple requirements imposed by the court. Those requirements include: (a) payment of diversion fees, (b) completion of a victim […]

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Understanding Your Rights During a Traffic Stop 

Understanding Your Rights During a Traffic Stop   One of the most common police interactions with the average person is a traffic stop. Traffic stops occur when a law enforcement officer pulls over a car for either a traffic violation or for a criminal investigation. Most traffic stops fall in the first category—the stop begins because of a traffic violation. However, these traffic stops occasionally transition into […]

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Can I Get This Off My Record?

On a weekly basis I am contacted by individuals trying to remove criminal convictions an arrest records. This process, often called an expungement, is relatively straightforward, but the “rules” to “qualify” are often complicated and somewhat difficult to understand. The primary benefit is that “upon entry of the order the applicant for purposes of the […]

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Should I Sign a Reaffirmation Agreement on my . . . home . . . car . . . other loan?

As a general rule, entering into a reaffirmation agreement is not generally advised. Many attorneys will advise their clients not to sign reaffirmation agreements, unless there is a specific benefit to be obtained in signing the agreement. This is because the primary goal of filing for Bankruptcy relief is to discharge debt and get a fresh start. […]

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Not receiving your Emails?

Keeping open communications with our clients is a priority at Gunn & Gunn.  With modern conveniences such as email, keeping in touch is easier than ever . . . most of the time.  Unfortunately, from time to time we recieve calls from our clients, telling us that they didn’t get an email we sent, or that they […]

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Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Generally Student Loans are not discharged by filing a bankruptcy case [11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8)]. It may be possible, however, to discharge the Student Loan in a limited number of circumstances. Once a bankruptcy case is filed, the individual then needs to file an Adversary Proceeding in the bankruptcy court. An adversary proceeding is a lawsuit filed in the […]

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Clients using Gmail Accounts

In general, Gmail is a fine email service, and you can’t beat the price.  However, sometimes the Gmail Spam filter can be overly aggressive.  We have recently been notified by some of our clients, that they are finding our messages in the Spam folder, as opposed to their Inbox.  We have confirmed that our mail […]

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